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We are a family-run domestic and industrial laundry that has been in existence since 2001.






  • Our staff have many years of experience in how to care for household items particularly clothing, bedding, curtains and chaircovers.
  • This hands-on knowledge ensures that you will get experienced people caring for your personal belongings.
  • We offer a same-day service for washing, drying, ironing or a combination of the three.
  • Our washing machines are stainless steel which provides ensured cleanliness.
  • Ecolab chemicals are used (these are the same chemicals that are used by Mediclinic) to ensure that all washing is hygenically sterilised during the washing process.
  • The chemicals are fed into the washing machines via a computer so dosages are always correct.
  • Tumble driers are also stainless steel and have short cycles and various heat levels to ensure that your belongings do not shrink during the drying process.
  • There are designated permanent staff members who specialise in ironing clothes (especially collared shirts) to ensure a superior finished product. Our ironing service is also same-day so there is no long wait for your ironing to be returned.
  • Curtains and chair covers are hand-treated for those hard to remove stains, that they acquire over time, before they are washed. We have a separate drip drying section for curtains and chair covers to avoid shrinkage.
  • As we are a family-run business we care about your personal preferences and are happy to assist with specific requirements such as: drip drying of items, personal washing and ironing instructions, roller pressing of bedding or separate wrapping instructions.
  • We are one of the few laundries that has a designated machine available to use to clean pet bedding.
  • We have experience with assisting Mediclinic with their laundry when their machines have been replaced or serviced.
  • We have experience in assisting insurance companies with the removal of smoke residue after house fires and the removal of water damage after burst geyser accidents.